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McCabes expose a Dáil fresh out of waldorfs

By Eugene McGloin

BASIL FAWLTY had to make a clean breast in the end with his American guest.

But not before he had told him a convoluted tale which whiled the winter away.

The guy wanted a Waldorf Salad, straightforward, even so simple. 

But Basil came up with a game-stopper: His chef was fresh out of waldorfs.

Game-stopper yes, but game-changer no. Basil didn't know the ingredients, so he spoofed it on the hoof.

Looking just as threadbare betimes is the Dáil handling of the (shamefully) sorry saga of Garda Sergeant Maurice McCabe, his wife and family.

After ten years of being terrorised -- all of them -- by several State agencies the McCabes are NOW getting their chance to speak Truth to Power.

Both the style and the substance of what they spoke yesterday evening sets a new Irish standard for those citizenry who will speak Truth to Power in the future.

Basic Ingredients

Mary Wilson's RTÉ ''Drivetime'' show on Radio One had a fast-flowing flurry of breaking stories yesterday evening, Monday.

Nothing was as powerful as that (rare) statement by the McCabes, speaking Truth to Power when it was read out on ''Drivetime.''

Yesterday, everything else in this sorriest of sagas looked like Basil Fawlty, ie bewildered on what the basic ingredients might be.

Twice in twenty four hours at the weekend the Taoiseach Enda Kenny was ready to roll with a private inquiry.

Stop Diggin'

'Shovel-ready' is what they often call those process in Irish party politics.

Here's another shovel simile: Stop diggin' when you are already in what looks like a big dark hole.

That message applies both to Fine Gael and the self-canonised in (New) Fianna Fáil.

The family at the centre of the most shameful saga in modern Ireland had not even been CONSULTED, either by FF or by FG, on what they wanted, needed.

Inside only 12 hours yesterday we saw that, quoting Yeats, ''.....things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;'' Meaning?

1. Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan and her Sergeant, whistleblower Maurice McCabe are at polar extremities. Their two interpretations cannot be reconciled.

2. There are other contradictions to be resolved: The accounts of Children's Minister Katherine Zappone and the Taoiseach on their actions (inactions?) last week seem to contradict.

3. Certainly contradictory are accounts of Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald and her Fianna Fáil 'shadow,' Jim O'Callaghan re the same incident less than seven days ago. 

That's three sets of circumstances and three sets of contradictions already.

In all those circumstances the case for public hearings ONLY is open and shut. 

Jo Public expressed that viewpoint loud and clear last night in a telly poll on the Clare Byrne Show on RTÉ. 

It needs to be said again and again: Only those in Power who can show genuine humanity and ignore their paid public relations (PR) prompters will survive this firestorm.

Link: See Sligo Today 13/2/2017.