Updated: 15/02/17 : 05:07:32
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Kenny gets just one 'confidence' vote in Sligo

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

JUST ONE of four local TDs will vote 'confidence' in the Government later this week.

The Fine Gael led coalition seems likely to survive its own Motion with the support of significantly less than half the Dáil. 

The main opposition party, Fianna Fáil, seems likely to abstain.

Tony McLoughlin in Sligo will be the only local TD pledging 'confidence' in the Government. 

Only one TD in the five seat Donegal area will be voting likewise.

Today's outcome follows 24 hours of drama and high farce, inside and outside the Dáil yesterday.

The public inquiry demanded on Monday by the whistleblower Garda Sergeant Maurice McCabe and his family was granted yesterday.

However, no details of its terms of reference have yet been made public.

Allegations of a smear campaign against McCabe by senior officers will be probed by the new tribunal.

Six Questions

The six questions posed by the McCabe family on Monday, for answer now, mostly remain unanswered this morning.

But Childrens Minister Katherine Zappone has publicly undertaken to provide answers to the McCabes on the two questions which relate to her ministerial remit.

Meanwhile, Fine Gael TD John Deasy confirmed on RTE Prime Time last night that ''a senior officer'' in the Gardai had tried to blacken Sergeant McCabe to him.

Persistent Rumblings

Deasy was also critical of his own party leadership on the issue.

The TD's riposte could add weight to persisting party rumblings of discontent re: Fine Gael's leadership.

Conflicts of evidence in the past week between some Cabinet members and Fianna Fáil also remain publicly unresolved ahead of today's vote.

Fianna Fáil was also accused last night on TV3's ''Tonight With Vincent Browne'' of blocking bids to widen the new tribunal inquiry's term of reference.

That claim, by the programme host, was rebutted by FF spokesman Timmy Dooley.

Yesterday, under Dáil privilege, TD Mick Wallace outlined a series of corruption claims by whistleblowers.