Updated: 15/02/17 : 11:57:39
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'Independent Alliance crucial to the Government’s survival' - Harris

Health Minister Simon Harris has called for “cool heads” among the Independent Alliance Ministers ahead of this evening’s motion of confidence in the Government.

“The Independent Alliance remaining in Government and as a part of Government is crucial to the Government’s survival and I absolutely hope it happens,” he said.

“They have many excellent people playing a very important role, and I think it’s a time for cool heads, it’s a time for people to deliberate on the important issues, but ultimately it’s time for people to put the national interest first.

“And the best thing we can do as a Government and as an Oireachtas is set up a full public inquiry to address these very, very serious allegations.”

The group is understood to be unhappy with the Taoiseach's performance in the Dáil last night.

They had hoped to raise their concerns at a Cabinet meeting this morning - but that has now been postponed until tomorrow.

The Independent Alliance are also seeking a meeting with the Taoiseach.