Updated: 16/02/17 : 11:06:35
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Spiralling cost of motor insurance for Oireachtas Finance Committee debate today

The spiralling cost of motor insurance is up for debate again today.

Recommendations by Minister of State Eoghan Murphy on how to reform the sector and ensure fairer premiums for consumers will be reviewed by an Oireachtas Finance Committee.

The AA's Director of Consumer Affairs, Conor Faughnan says tackling fraud is high on the list of things that need to be fixed.

Mr Faughnan said: "Unfortunately there are a number of things in the Irish landscape that make fraud easier for individuals that want to perpetrate it and they are the type of things that we want to see these reforms get rid of.

"An example the AA have given of that is the fact that we are still using a paper windscreen disc to decide whether or not a car is insured.

"I mean that is pathetic in this day and age, it should be a proper camera and database system that they are using everywhere else."

    In June last year, AA Ireland outlined five reforms to cut the cost of insurance:

    Fraud Work together to block fraud at every turn
    Legal Standardise awards and remove the uncertainty
    Regulatory Resource up and protect the industry
    Enforcement Invest and modernise
    Industry Transparency Share the data and learn