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Sligo said 'no' to adoption of Constitution

Special Report

SLIGO WAS one of a small handful of counties which voted not to approve the current Constitution.

The rest of Connacht voted overwhelmingly to accept it, by over 40,000 votes.

The vote took place on July 1st 1937 and was recently recalled in a special supplement in the Irish Independent.

Sligo and Leitrim voted separately both in the plebiscite and the general election held that summer.

Rejection Margin

Five constituencies voted against adoption of the 1937 Constitution.

These were: Cork West, Wicklow, Sligo, Dublin County and Dublin Townships.

The margin of rejection in Sligo was the lowest in the country, at just 1,136 votes.

Final figures in Sligo showed 11,916 were against the new Constitution while 10,780 in the town and county were for the new document.

Leitrim approved the Constitution by over 4,000 votes but it was much tighter in Roscommon with the winning margin down to 2,571.

Mayo North bolstered De Valera's draft document with a thumbs-up of 7,653.

Mayo South couldn't quite match that but their winning margin was still 6,491.

Two Galway constituencies added 23,000 votes between them.

The new document replaced Constitution of the Irish Free State which had been put in place in 1922.

The version in Irish takes precedence over the English language.