Updated: 20/02/17 : 12:20:54
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Loutish stag parties on Dublin - Sligo line 'intimidating’

There have been calls for security personnel to be employed to clamp down on a ‘major problem’ with antisocial behaviour on the Dublin-Sligo railway line.

Irish Rail received 19 written complaints last year, a number of which related to stag parties bound for the North West.

Documents released to Shannonside FM show that Irish Rail regularly receives complaints of drunken, abusive and loutish behaviour on the Dublin-Sligo line.

A person claims the evening train frequently has issues, with groups getting ‘loudly drunk’ and engaging in fights.

One complaint was about three young men, one of whom caused commotion by shouting that his friend’s phone was on fire.

Once the fire was extinguished, the three men allegedly started laughing, saying it was a joke and that they actually set fire to a piece of paper.

One person claims the gardaí had to be called to remove ‘troublemakers’, while another claims a drunken stag party were ‘verbally abusing’ people.

Irish Rail was also told that some stag parties were ‘very intimidating’, with loud music and drunkenness.


One person simply described their trip as a ‘journey from hell’, while there was also a report of homophobic comments.

There were also two complaints of an organised group engaging in the selling of tissues, which was essentially a form of begging.

In a statement to Shannonside FM, Irish Rail says more than 1.26 million journeys were made on the Dublin-Sligo line in 2016 and the vast majority were without incident.

It says that a very small number of people engage in antisocial behaviour and that a number of measures are taken to counteract these.

The spokesman adds that trains are equipped with high-quality CCTV and there are also a number of mobile security teams on the network.