Updated: 24/02/17 : 05:32:01
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'Brexit' team needs a place for Kenny

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

years in my own life were sometimes spent on the sidelines.

By choice; on the sidelines with football teams I'd put together, first on paper and then put together on the field.

The team also always included all the parents; in modern parlance they'd be labelled as stakeholders in the successes of these soccer teams.

Soft Spot

It went on for most of a decade, these Harvest Years. 

Maybe it explains my soft spot (weak spot?) for guys like Enda Kenny.

He's been team captain when his team have (mostly) been winning, even against stacks of odds.

Yesterday, he showed a deft drop of the shoulders which allowed him to waltz past his markers on the UK side of the 'Brexit' debate. 

Not Expecting

In essence, the final document in the UK's separation from Europe will have to provide portal for a United Ireland, Kenny argued.

The reference framework would be the Good Friday Agreement -- which enshrines the necessity of consent by a majority.

The British had not been (publicly) expecting that and not maybe from Enda Kenny either.

But it further underlined something increasingly evident for months; Ireland's best interests may be best served by having Kenny on our Brexit' team.

We could, of course, try and co-opt to our team the hapless manager of Leicester City, made redundant overnight.

Just months after he leads his team to a 5,000/1 win of the Premiership he gets shown the door.

'C'est le vie' as Enda himself uttered only last week.