Updated: 24/02/17 : 05:41:21
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LotusWorks named one of the Best Workplaces in Ireland

As a company committed to developing high-trust relationships throughout every level of its organisation, LotusWorks, international engineering and technical solutions provider, are delighted to announce that they have been officially recognised as one of the Best Workplaces in Ireland in 2017.

This well-deserved accolade was presented at the Great Place to Work Best Workplaces in Ireland awards in the Clayton Hotel on Burlington Road, Dublin on Wednesday 22nd February to LotusWorks HR Manager, Mark Butler.

This is their first year to be named as a top Irish workplace, recognition awarded on the basis of an employee survey and an assessment of their policies and practices. LotusWorks was recognised in the category for Best Medium Sized Workplace in Ireland 2017.

Mark Butler, LotusWorks HR Manager commented following the awards ceremony; “Working on this project has been exciting and has empowered our staff and teams nationwide. We have been rewarded and recognised for creating and implementing a Great Place to Work culture and we are thrilled that our employees have voiced their true opinions which is reflective of LotusWorks’ hard work and determination. LotusWorks has always been a Great Place to Work for me as HR Manager, and I am delighted we have the stamp of approval from those who are the keepers of the LotusWorks brand in the form of the Great Place to Work title”

In 2017, Great Place to Work® Ireland celebrates fifteen years of recognising great workplaces through the publication of their Best Workplaces in Ireland lists, and the number of high-trust workplaces in Ireland carries on increasing; an indication that organisations are continuing to discover the business benefits of developing a culture where all employees are empowered to do their best work.

“With institutional trust in low supply throughout the globe, research is showing that business has also suffered a drop in trust”, said John Ryan, CEO of Great Place to Work® Ireland. “This will have an impact on performance and returns. It’s clear from the results of our assessment survey that employees from Ireland’s Best Workplaces, who are in a unique position to know, believe that clients and customers can trust their organisations. This is an invaluable vote of confidence from their employees, and is probably the reason why staff in the companies are comfortable releasing all their talents to the benefit of those organisations.

"While money was the currency of success in the past, trust is the currency of success now and into the future; we are increasingly living in a world of interdependencies where we need to be sure who we can rely on. The listed organisations this year have separated themselves from their peers by leveraging the power of trust to the benefit of all their stakeholders, and that is why I want to extend my congratulations to one and all on a wonderful achievement”

Employee confidence

All over the country, employees at Ireland’s Best Workplaces report a significantly greater sense of job security than those in peer organisations, with this area achieving a four year high despite a backdrop of medium-term geopolitical uncertainty. This level of employee confidence in the face of an uncertain future provides these organisations with a workforce that is engaged, focused on the task at hand, and eager to offer their contribution to future successes. The Best Workplaces in Ireland 2017 are capitalising on this increased engagement by delivering regular performance evaluations, recognising excellent performance, and providing coaching and support to poor performers.

       Fergal Broder, LotusWorks founder and chief executive. Photo: James Connolly / PicSell8

LotusWorks are engineering and technical experts who work with some of the world’s leading companies and household names around the world. With almost 30 years at the cutting-edge of various industries, their 470 staff based nationally and internationally gain exposure to the very latest technologies and innovations. “Our people are at the heart of the business and we care about investing in them, their health and making sure they are happy as part of the LotusWorks team,” comments CEO, Fergal Broder. 

Specialising in Calibration, Commissioning, Contract Staffing, Operations & Maintenance and Automation, LotusWorks’ unique selling point is their ability to tailor and deliver “best fit” expert technical and engineering services to our clients, which in turn allows clients to focus on their core activity.