Updated: 24/02/17 : 06:20:41
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Sligo Arcade traders fear looming Tesco picket lines

Traders in the Tesco Arcade have expressed their genuine fear of the forthcoming picketing of the Sligo town centre mall.

Speaking to Sligo Today some of the business people said that they are very aware of other centres suffering the dire effects of the indefinite strike by Tesco workers. See links below.

Following a repeat ballot on Wednesday which supported the industrial action, pickets are scheduled to be placed on the arcade next Wednesday morning (1 March) from 8am to 11pm.

The initial ballot was declared null and void as pre-96 workers were incorrectly included in the vote.

The dispute centres on a company plan to move up to 250 pre-1996 employees to conditions requiring a changed working week and cuts in premia.

The Sligo traders, tenants of Tesco, have criticised the company for not allowing the striking workers inside the arcade to picket directly outside the two internal entrances into the supermarket.

"It's crazy we have to still pay rent to Tesco however because they will not co-operate we will be closing early, laying off staff and losing money," said one disgruntled business person.

Tesco have instructed the workers that they would be breaking the law if they come inside the bollards at the carpark entrance, pictured, and they can only protest from the public footpath at the O'Connell Street entrance.


Strikes due to begin at six additional Tesco stores from Monday will be deferred until next Friday because of alleged flaws in the way the Mandate trade union served notice of industrial action on the company.

Tesco and Mandate are engaged in a dispute over the transfer of around 250 of its 14,000 employees to less-favourable contracts.

Some 1,500 employees at 16 stores are already on strike, and a further 500 based in six more stores were due to join the industrial action from Monday.


Sligo County Councillor Declan Bree (Ind) has called for Sligo citizens to support the Tesco strikers. He took to Facebook to state, 'Tesco Workers in Sligo agreed to join the industrial action being taken to ensure that new contracts arenít imposed on colleagues without their agreement.

'Strike notice has been served by Mandate and these workers will begin picketing from Wednesday, 1 March next. It is important that everyone show their support for those taking the difficult, but necessary action to strike from next Wednesday.'

In Sligo, from Wednesday next, pickets are to be mounted Monday - Friday 8am - 11pm, Saturday from 7am - 11pm and Sunday 9am - 11pm.

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