Updated: 28/02/17 : 05:14:19
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Red faces as 'wrong winner' announced

By Eugene McGloin

MORNING IRELAND listeners have learned the 'wrong winner' was announced in the most recent general election.

For a number of months now RTÉ has been telling the general public that the election was won by a guy from GaGa Land, alias Mayo.

Admitted RTÉ earlier today: '"'But the winner was actually Moonlight, a guy known as moonlighter Martin.''

The little-known Mr Martin is believed to live in Langer Land, alias Cork.

Real Winner

The confusion arose when the country decided to give awards for the 'best actor' in Dáil Éireann.

It seems the vote by millions on the jury panel did not decide either Martin or Kenny as the clearcut winner.

When the envelope was opened, however, it said 'Kenny' in biggish print but.....but 'Martin' was named as the real winner in the smaller print.

A compromise was offered by Sinn Féin, which said it's Sligo Leitrim TD was named Martin Kenny and would be happy to lead the country.