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The Spice-Box of Earth at The Hamilton Gallery

The Spice-Box of Earth
New Paintings and Drawings
by Clive Bright
2nd March - 1st April 2017
Hamilton Gallery, Sligo

The opening of "The Spice-Box of Earth", an exhibition of new paintings and drawings by Clive Bright, will take place at the Hamilton Gallery on Thursday 2nd March at 6pm.

About "The Spice-Box of Earth"

My focus of work has drifted from a nostalgic grappling for a sense of place and history to grappling with the present.

Searching for an understanding and perspective of where we truly fit in the ecology of our place.  Understanding the role of even the tiniest organism within the web of living things around us.  Observing the knock-on effect of it being there or not has on the whole system. The cycles of energy, the niches of life, the microcosms within microcosms and the lessons that can be learned by studying the relative patterns throughout. - Clive Bright

Image above:  'Decomposer 'I - mixed media drawing and oil on board 50cm x 30cm