Updated: 03/03/17 : 06:35:42
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Fianna Fail flip-flopping on water issue proves they have learned nothing - Gaffney

Blaine Gaffney, a local Fine Gael Area Representative in Sligo, has said “Fianna Fáil, and their local representatives in Sligo can do all the diverting they like on the water charges issue, but it wont hide the fact that their latest approach this week, to people who openly abuse treated and expensively cleaned water in this country proves very clearly they have learned absolutely nothing from the economic crash they caused here or from their populist politics of the past which have ultimately led to a lost decade of pain and suffering in this country.

For them to say that they are sticking to an election pledge on this issue is completely farcical, considering the fact that Fianna Fail have been flip flopping on this issue ever since 2002. Lets not forget that it was Fianna Fáil who originally reintroduced the concept of charges for water in 2002, when they were forming a Government with the Green Party, this was of course followed by their Troika Bailout commitment in 2010 which advocated €400 charges, as well as the ratification of the EU water framework directive, which introduced the 'Polluter-Pays' concept to Ireland, a concept which they now seemingly oppose.

Fianna Fáil and their local public representatives continual and often abrupt reversal of policy on this issue also raises serious questions about how they would handle the more difficult and unpopular decisions in Government in the future and if they would continue to be reckless with our futures, once more, as they have been on countless occasions in the past.

Whether you agree with the need for water charges for people who abuse water or not, I would debate this issue with anyone in full and at the end of it respect ones opposing opinions on the issue and agree to disagree.

However, I cant understand or accept political parties or their public representatives which choose to change their positions on sensitive issues, just in order to try and increase their support or seek to ensure that they are on the correct side of a popular movement, especially when their finger prints are all over the original introduction of that issue.

This is the political nonsense which I hate the most and which I thought we had put behind us and it is something which must be challenged at every opportunity” concluded Gaffney.