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Repeal the 8th Sligo demonstration

Repeal the 8th Sligo have issued the following statement:

We are an ad-hoc, non-affiliated group of activists, academics, artists and trade unionists preparing a nationwide Strike for Repeal on the 8th of March 2017.

Our demand is that the Irish government call a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment by the 8th of March. If not, Ireland will strike.

The strike will not be an industrial strike in the traditional sense but could include taking an annual leave day off work, refraining from domestic work for the day, wearing black in solidarity and staging a walkout during your lunch break. We ask business owners to consider closing their services for all or part of the day as a solidarity action.

Denise O’Toole Convener of Repeal the 8th Sligo Abortion Rights campaign a regional branch of the National Abortion Rights campaign says

“We are participating in this strike in solidarity with prochoice groups , activists and the overwhelming majority of people in Ireland  who want access to abortion expanded (87%) and abortion decriminalised (72%)( Source Amnesty Red C Poll 2016 ).

We want a referendum called immediately on Repeal the 8th . Repeal not Replace.

There has been a growing movement nationwide to Repeal the 8th , it is far from a Dublin based campaign as has been claimed; these claims are now easily refuted by seeing us out on the streets providing factual information in person every month in Sligo supported along by our friends , families and the general public .

                          Getting the message out on Sligo's O'Connell Street

On social media in the click of a button;

anyone anywhere in the world can view our campaign work and will be able to follow our #strike4repeal action on the internet. We will be striking during the day starting off with an 8am meet up , our main event  at 2pm is our “ To the beach” action . We will assemble at the beachtown of Strandhill (see facebook link  ) to have a solidarity gathering and participate in creative actions like sending messages in bottles to the Irish government who seem to have a preference for kicking cans down the road when dealing with repealing the 8th amendment .

They are not  listening to voices of women who have experienced abortion and in the process been put under  serious financial and mental pressure due to having to access health care in other countries far from home and often alone  . Many migrant  women without papers to travel and women on low incomes circumstances have even less options which has seen many people choose to take an abortion pill at home (this is illegal in Ireland and can result in pregnant people  receiving a 14 year prison sentence .)

We call on all citizens to stand in solidarity together on 8th March and show the Irish government their tactics to stall the movement are failing  are transparent ,the jig is up.  Rise & Repeal NOW ”

Link to Sligo event    


The following groups have signed on to support the strike so far with more to follow:

Abortion Rights Campaign
Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment
AIMS Ireland
Sligo Repeal the Eighth
Mayo Pro Choice
Parents For Choice
Rally for Choice
Strike 4 Repeal Belfast
Women on Web
Anti Racism Network
Trinity College Strike 4 Repeal
NUIM Feminist Society
NUIG Feminist Society
NCAD Feminist Society
Sex Workers Alliance Ireland
Repeal Global
Dziewuchy Dziewuchom Ireland
People Before Profit Pro Choice
Need Abortion Ireland
Limerick Feminist Network
Community Solidarity

While we use ‘woman’ ‘citizen’ throughout this statement Repeal the 8th Sligo Abortion Rights Campaign recognises that not everyone who needs an abortion is a woman or an Irish citizen and we support access to abortion for everyone who needs it be they , trans, non binary , gender fluid ,migrants,undocumented people or non national.

For more information seehttp://www.facebook.com/strike4repeal and @strike_4_repeal on Twitter.
Contact us at strike4repeal@gmail.com

#strike4repeal #wewontwait

Repeal the 8th Sligo Abortion Rights Campaign .


Twitter: @Repeal8thSligo