Updated: 07/03/17 : 05:32:54
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Commemorating 100 years since Countess Markievicz been awarded the Freedom of Sligo

The Key to Freedom event held in Institute of Technology Sligo yesterday 6 March 2017 celebrated the people’s countess return to her home county after a long battle for independence in the 1916 Easter Rising.

The event set up by 3rd Year Tourism students was chosen to remember the 100 year anniversary of Countess Markievicz receiving the Freedom of Sligo Award.

A historical talk by local Sligo historian Joe McGowan brought the legacy of Countess Markievicz to life through a detailed account of her life back by some inspirational photos. Joe, a proud supporter of the Countess, used his knowledge and his book “Countess Markievicz- The People’s Countess” to educate the audience and make us feel proud to be Irish.

The audience mainly students and locals were transported back to 1917 where life was very different to today and noticed how Sligo suffered the decline after the Rising and how today the town is reliving the decline but this time due to the global recession.

The event team hope that these events in the future allow the next generation remember how Sligo had an important part in how Ireland is recognised around the world today.