Updated: 08/03/17 : 07:44:29
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€5,000 fine proposed for water wasters

People who waste water at home could be fined up to €5,000 if they do not try to cut back, it has been reported.

The idea is one of a list of options proposed by the Oireachtas' water committee which is trying to tackle excessive usage.

"Users who would otherwise be liable to an excessive usage charge will be provided with a grace period of at least two quarters to reduce leakage below the appropriate threshold," the report said.

In a draft report circulated to the Oireachtas water committee, chairman senator Pádraig Ó Céidigh said any charge for so-called 'excessive usage' should be rolled-out in a similar way to the levy on plastic bags.

Today's Irish Independent claims that the six month reprieve would mean that penalties, which also includes up to three months in prison, are unlikely to be enforced.