Updated: 09/03/17 : 05:13:48
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Rescue 118 in long haul mission for Russian trawlerman

A Russian crewman has been airlifted to hospital by a Coast Guard Helicopter in a dramatic rescue mission 180 miles off the Mayo coast.

The Sligo-based Coast Guard helicopter R118 completed the early morning medical evacuation of a trawlerman requiring urgent medical attention from the Russian fishing vessel, north west of Erris Head, Co Mayo.

The Department of Transport said on Wednesday that the operation was co-ordinated by the Coast Guard Rescue Coordination Centre in Malin Head.

But because of the distance involved, communication support, known as top cover, was provided by a second Coast Guard chopper, the Dublin based R116.

Both helicopters refuelled at Blacksod prior to flying to the scene.

The Russian crewman was airlifted at 4.30am yesterday and transferred to Sligo University Hospital where he was admitted shortly before 6am. His condition is at this time unknown.