Updated: 09/03/17 : 13:42:36
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National water protest announced for April

A national water protest has been announced for Saturday, April 8.

Right2Water say they hope it will be the final push in scrapping water charges for good.

They plan to gather tens of thousands of people in the capital for the event next month.

More information on the event can be found here.

Brendan Ogle from Right2Water says the government is not concerned about water conservation, and that it is all about privatising water services: "Could we stop that is it not being privatised all over the world.

"And that we are somewhere different. We are somewhere divorced from that

"Could we not stop pretending that that water as an asset class, is the most profitable asset class there is apart from financial instruments,

"Could we stop pretending that we have householders with swimming pools hidden in their attics."