Updated: 10/03/17 : 07:16:35
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Name change for political party

The Anti-Austerity Alliance has announced it's changing its name.

From today, it will be known as "Solidarity" and will also expand its scope of campaigning.

The Alliance - which has three TDs - says it wants to focus more on campaigns like repealing the 8th amendment and pay restoration - as well as its traditional anti-water charges movement.

Its Cork North Central TD Mick Barry says the name resonates well with economic and social issues.

"It's a name that would chime well on a workers picket line and a repeal the 8th amendment demonstration.

"We're not saying austerity is gone, just talk to a bus worker or Tesco worker and you'll soon find out about that.

"We do think that things have moved on somewhat and a big issue for working people now is getting a share of the recovery for themselves."