Updated: 16/03/17 : 08:20:19
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'Using racist language doesn't necessarily mean a person is a racist' - Taoiseach

The Taoiseach has insisted he never called US President Donald Trump racist, saying someone who uses racist language isn't necessarily a racist.

Enda Kenny has been discussing his previous remarks ahead of his meeting with Trump today, Thursday.

Last May in the Dáil, he referred to language used by Trump on the campaign trail as "racist and dangerous".

He said last night that using racist language doesn't necessarily mean a person is a racist.

"I did not refer to the person of the now President as being racist. My comment was in respect of his language. Language and words can be used by people in many regards, and my comment was when he was running as a candidate in respect of the election to be held," Kenny said. "My meaning was not in any way personal to him as a man.

"I'm not into English classes, I'm telling you that the language that was used on that occassion was, in my view, not language that I would use, but that was not related to his personality."