Updated: 21/03/17 : 05:35:49
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'Missing' bag causes 40min delay on Sligo train

Yesterday,the 11.05 train travelling from Connolly Station to Sligo was delayed for 40 minutes while waiting for gardaí to arrive to collect CCTV footage.

TheJournal.ie reports that a tweet at 13.02 by Iarnród Éireann indicated that something serious had happened. See below

Iarnród Éireann received a call from a man who said that his bag had been robbed while on the train.

He emerged from the bathroom to find that his bag was gone and a man walking off the train with his bag in hand.

The gardaí were called and the 11.05 train from Connolly Station to Sligo waited in a lay-by at Enfield for gardaí to collect the CCTV footage.

A couple of hours later, a cleaner came across an unaccompanied bag while tidying the train.

It turns out the man’s bag hadn’t been robbed – he’d just taken a wrong turn when coming out of the bathroom, and returned to a different carriage, while his bag remained untouched in the next one over.

Nothing was missing from the bag and it was returned to its mortified owner.

It’s understood the man apologised to Iarnród Éireann and to the gardaí for reporting the incident, but really it’s a happy ending.

With a slight warning perhaps, that it’s not wise to assume the worst of your fellow passengers.