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Dev got his first election congrats from Sligo

Special Report

SLIGO CORPORATION  was the first elected body in Ireland to congratulate Fianna Fáil after it came to power 85 years ago this month.

The story also made the front page of Ireland's newest newspaper at the time.

Six times Mayor of Sligo Michael Nevin of High Street asked the March 1932 meeting of Sligo Corporation to send a telegram offering its congrats.

Long Serving

James Keaveney, a Fianna Fáil councillor in several local elections, seconded.

Details are recalled in this week's issue of The Revolution Papers, (number 64), just published.

The publication includes involvement  from The National Library of Ireland and Trinity College.

The latest issue includes a facsimile of The Irish Press from Thursday March 10th 1932.

Party political adverts from the general election that year are also featured. 

Smeared Opponents

These adverts show that Cumann na nGaedheal (now Fine Gael) widely resorted to smearing its opponents in that 1932 election. 

Not for the first time Fianna Fáil was branded as commies BUT that tactic failed for the first time in an Irish election.

Said one advert:  ''We want no 'Reds' here. Keep their colour off your flag.''

The smear tactic had been used successfully in the two general elections of 1927.

Again in 1929, Fianna Fáil was widely smeared in the 1929 Sligo, Leitrim by election as posing a communist threat.

The new issue of 'The Revolution Papers shows that just ONE TD from Sligo backed De Valera to head the new government.

Not surprisingly, that TD was Frank Carty, the legendary leader of IRA who escaped from Sligo Jail.