Updated: 22/03/17 : 13:30:16
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'Adopt a Charity' appeal by Sligo volunteers

Sometimes businesses have great ideas or intentions to do something for the community – the problem is, they don’t quite know how to channel their goodwill.

Sligo Volunteer Centre is launching a brilliant new initiative to help businesses team up with non-profit community groups that could do with a bit of help.

That help might be a lick of paint for the village hall or a helping hand at lunchtime or weekends to clean up the grounds of a community centre or youth club.

It could be more than that; it might be the need for specific business or corporate input on a project that requires their expertise and skills.

Whatever it might be, as part of European Volunteering Capital 2017, Sligo Volunteer Centre is launching an Adopt a Charity Campaign in which it will be playing ‘matchmaker’ between business and community groups.

A key objective for 2017 is to strengthen the relationship between the business community and the volunteer sector in County Sligo.


In Sligo there is a great tradition of corporate and businesses engagement with the community.

“But it can often be difficult to know how to channel this good will sometimes,” says Sligo Volunteer Centre Manager Ciara Herity.

 “We do know that many businesses for example have Corporate and Social Responsibility programmes and want to engage as part of this.”

“We now have a call out for the business community to register their interest to get involved. A  facilitated session for corporate volunteers will be an opportunity to hear about the challenges and issues the volunteer sector requires support with,” adds Ciara.

“On March 28th, we are holding the first session for Corporate Volunteers, kindly hosted in the offices of Abbott Ireland, the official corporate partner to EVC 2017.

“At this event, those wishing to get involved can hear about some of the challenges and issues which the volunteer sector require support with.

“If you or the company you work for are interested in getting involved, please register your interest online today by email evc2017@volunteersligo.ie or visit www.evcsligo.eu

At this session, Sligo businesses will determine what skills they can share with non-profit community groups and what causes they would like to get involved in. Sligo Volunteer Centre will then suggest ‘matches’ for both parties.

In early April, the Adopt a Charity Campaign will stage a ‘match-making’ event to introduce charities to businesses and facilitate the initial first steps.

'Long lasting'

“We will be giving tips to both sides how to form a successful and hopefully long lasting working relationship,” added Ciara.

“There are great benefits to both sides in this model, as the merging of two sectors should bring great rewards for the Corporate volunteers and provide an invaluable source of skills and people power to the Non-For Profit Community groups.

“We would love to hear from you if you wish to be matched with a business, or from a business that wants to be matched with a voluntary or community group or charity.”

For further information contact evc2017@volunteersligo.ie or visit www.evcsligo.eu