Updated: 23/03/17 : 07:15:31
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Sligo gets its first public toilet

Sligo has long awaited the installation of a public toilet which has been discussed on many occasions by Sligo councilors in both Sligo County Council and the now defunct Sligo Borough Council.

The wait is now over as a new toilet block, complete with running water, was installed yesterday in a public area.

However the problem, according to neighbours, is the location.

The self-contained steel unit has been located in the public car park on Connaghton Road which for thirty years has been illegally occupied by Travellers and so cannot be used by the public.

One irate neighbour, not wishing to be named, told Sligo Today yesterday, "This is crazy, why is the council spending my hard-earned money on this, I though this was an illegal camp. There's legalising it by providing these services.

"I, and my neighbours, have had to put up with this site for decades and its getting worse. last year they were breaking up cars and burning rubber with black stinking smoke filling the area and the council or guards did nothing.

"New fencing was installed last year, it was I'm told to cut down on the noise of traffic which was annoying them. Look at it now, it's a washing line. What must visitors think of us that we allow such filth to be piled up in the centre of our beautiful town."

Sligo County Council in a statement to Sligo Today said it had "recently installed a new temporary toilet and shower facility at Connaughton Road.

"The facility address a public health and humanitarian need of those living in caravans in that area. Similar facilities are on the site for many years and the new installation is an improvement on the existing.

"It is a temporary prefabricated unit used elsewhere by the Council in the past but has been in storage for some time."