Updated: 24/03/17 : 07:08:34
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40% of workers not ready for bus strike

With the bus strike underway,  a snap survey carried out by Irelandís number one recruitment website, IrishJobs.ie amongst 1,304 respondents has shown that 40% have not made alternative plans for travelling to work. With many unsure of how to travel, and others returning to their cars, disruption on the roads is expected.

Many workers will prepare for the strike, with plans including hailing a taxi (9%), walking (15%) and cycling (11%). However, one in two people (50%) will be driving to work, which is sure to cause congestion and delays.

Despite the high probability of delayed staff, only 29% of those surveyed claimed that their employer will account for the possibility of latecomers on Friday.  A massive 69% of respondents claimed that they canít work from home, meaning that they must get to the office no matter what.

However, some workers are not worried at all about the bus strike, with 36% saying they are quite confident that they will not be affected, and that their day will carry on as normal.

Overall, however, the majority of respondents expect this to cause some disruption, with 47% claiming that it will have some effect and 17% stating that they will be badly affected.

Orla Moran, General Manager of IrishJobs.ie said: ďItís important that workers and employers take the disruption and challenging commute caused by the bus strike into consideration when planning the working day. Our research shows that many people will look at other options and hopefully this will minimise disruption to businesses during the strike.Ē