Updated: 27/03/17 : 07:03:34
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MEP calls for ban on Brazilian beef

The revelation that Brazilian meat plants approved to export to the European Union had been discovered exporting beef unfit for consumption has led to a call for a ban on shipments to the EU by Independent MEP Marian Harkin.

Following a meeting with representatives of the IFA on the issue in the European Parliament she has written to the European Commission calling for an immediate ban on Brazilian beef imports to the EU.

“The fact that the Brazilian’s have proven lax in their beef inspection regime comes as no surprise as almost ten years ago the IFA conducted an investigation which revealed slack inspection and lack of traceability throughout the Brazilian beef industry”, Marian Harkin said. 

"As Ireland had suffered severe consequences from industry created problems for its beef export business, to the benefit of the Brazilians, the government needed to insist that immediate and effective action be taken by the EU to ban Brazilian beef imports, she said.  The probability that Brazilian beef was included in processed meat products imported into Ireland lent urgency to such action," she stressed.

“China and Hong Kong, which are the largest importers of Brazilian beef, have already taken this step and the gap created in this market should be maximised by Irish beef exporters following the recent approval for Irish beef exports to these countries”, Independent MEP Marian Harkin concluded.