Updated: 28/03/17 : 12:54:40
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Three Short Artist Residencies announced at Hawks Well Theatre

The Hawks Well Theatre has announced details of three short artist residencies to take place this year. The theatre has offered a four-week residency to three artists who will work on creative projects throughout the year. The artists involved are Sligo musicians Kieran Quinn and Oisn Mac Diarmada and actor Nichola McEvilly.

Kieran Quinn will be using the time to focus on song writing and collaborate with other artists.

One of my main aims musically at the moment is to work on and improve my song writing. I am extremely grateful to the Hawk's Well as this residency will afford me some valuable time to do just that, both on my own and with others, I hope'. Kieran will also host three concerts at the Hawks Well Theatre this year as part of the residency including a second concert in the successful 'Songs' series, a night with up and coming artists in Sligo and a night with some of the musicians he hopes to collaborate with as part of the residency.

Nichola Mac Evilly will use her residency to explore the possibilities of adapting Elizabeth Smarts
By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept for the stage. Nichola says it is a book shes been dwelling on for some time. Ive had this anxiety that someone else might there before me. Im keen to unlock the language with a mind to sound and song. Its amazing to be gifted the time to indulge in a personal project. I would have found it hard to take time out otherwise. There is a need in artists to keep developing skills and exploring different ways of making work. With the support of the Hawks Well you start to think anything is possible and well, it is.

Traditional musician Oisn Mac Diarmada aims to create an educational structure to support the development of fiddle playing in the Sligo region with a series of four weekend fiddle workshops in September and November along with tuition programme. There will also feature a residency concert during the summer and a Sligo Fiddle Project Concert on Sunday, November 12th.

For all further information on these three residencies and their resulting projects, keep an eye on the Hawks Well Theatres website, www.hawkswell.com