Updated: 30/03/17 : 05:44:55
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North Sligo 'annexed' in Brexit move

According to yesterday's edition of the UK newspaper, The Guardian, parts of Sligo, Leitrim, Louth and all of Donegal are all casualties of the Brexit move triggered by British PM Theresa May yesterday.

The Guardian have decided to leave Newry, south Tyrone and a small sliver of south Co Down as part of the EU. Meanwhile, Dundalk, Donegal, Wicklow, Cavan and Arklow have all, according to this image at least, suddenly joined Brexit.

Donegal TD Pearse Doherty was first out of the gate with a reaction: “Hands off Donegal and give us our six counties back,” he tweeted.

We in Ireland haven’t been particularly demonstrative with our affections when it comes to Cavan, but we’d like them back, too. They have incredible creameries, you know.

On the upside, we might just get NHS services in Dundalk. Free dental work and doctor’s appointments an hour’s drive up the road?

Theresa May has pledged that there would be no hard borders between Northern Ireland and the South on account of Brexit, and it’s just as well. Could you only imagine a trip from Arklow to Donegal, with not one but two bounces in and out of the country?

Still, at least there are no shortage of decent pubs in Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan or Monaghan in which those living in the new-look Britain could drink their troubles away. Because now that Article 50 has finally been triggered, those troubles could well be coming thick and fast.

                                 The front page of The Guardian - Wednesday 29/3/2017