Updated: 03/04/17 : 05:23:20
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Taunts at serious injury of ex Sligo Rovers star

A SHAMEFUL video showed some soccer fans mocking the broken leg suffered recently by ex Sligo Rovers star Seamus Coleman.

Some Liverpool fans taunted Coleman over his serious injury ahead of their derby game with Everton yesterday, Sunday.

They sang: "How's your leg, Seamus Coleman? How's your leg? How's your leg, I pray? 

''How's your leg? How's your leg, Seamus Coleman? I hope you never play again,'' they taunted.

Their shame was underlined by a generous tribute in the match programme to Coleman by the rival Liverpool boss, Jurgen Klopp.

"I would like to pass on my regards and best wishes to Seamus Coleman, who due to very unfortunate circumstances is not available to play today.

Character, Commitment

"I do not know him personally, but as a football supporter I love his character, his positive approach to the game and his commitment to his club.

"There is a lot to admire about this player and it is his personal qualities that will help him as he recovers from this setback and returns to the game."

Liverpool easily won the Merseyside tussle 3-1 to move into third position in the English Premiership.

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