Updated: 03/04/17 : 05:59:16
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Sligo drivers among best in country, survey

SLIGO DRIVERS are rated among the best in the country, suggests a new survey.

Donegal, however, lays claim to having the worst drivers in Ireland outside Dublin.

Leitrim also scores impressively as a safe county to drive in.

AA Motor Insurance asked 7,000 drivers for their views two months ago. See below.

Not Included

Drivers were asked to say ''where in Ireland do you believe the behaviour of drivers is worst.''

Interestingly, pedestrians views are not included in the AA survey. 

Conor Faughnan, AA Director of Consumer Affairs, said the survey was ''an opportunity to highlight the increasingly common issue on Irish roads of rudeness and poor driver behaviour.

"Every day we come across cases of dangerous overtaking, drivers failing to acknowledge the right of way and motorists ignoring many rules of the road, said Faughnan.