Updated: 03/04/17 : 07:41:49
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Union to face lawsuit over wildcat action

As another week of the Bus Éireann strile begins there are reports that Irish Rail and Dublin Bus would seek costs from the National Bus and Railworkers' Union (NBRU) after Friday's wildcat action.

The NBRU says any communication will be passed on to their legal teams, but they stress they never encouraged any unofficial stoppage.

There has been speculation that the escalation might hinder any further intervention by the WRC or Labour Court.

The NBRU's Dermot O'Leary says that would be unfortunate.

"Well look, I mean anyone that would make an assessment of such actions would come to that conclusion, but then again I'm not here to speak on behalf of those institutions.

"Those institutions are privately owned after all and there are people like me, and people in my position should not ever dare to speak again on their behalf," he said.