Updated: 04/04/17 : 08:32:14
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Constitutional protection for water demanded by campaigners

Anti water charges campaigners say they will not be happy until they get constitutional protection for water.

The Right 2 Water Campaign says Ireland needs a legal guarantee that water services will never be privatised.

The Oireachtas committee on water charges is set to confirm that only households who use 1.7 times the average amount will face charges.

But Brendan Ogle of the Right 2 Water Campaign, which is holding a national demonstration at the weekend, believes our water resources are under threat: "We need t have water and sanitation protected in our consitution, to protect us against a future effort, to privatise our water and turn it into an asset for the super rich.

"They have done it with everything else, they are not doing it with our water.

"One reason the coming Saturday is to demand a date for that referendum."