Updated: 05/04/17 : 04:35:08
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Lost & Found Music Club – Teen Gala Concert 2017

The Lost and Found Music Club will be hosting a Teen Gala Concert on 27 April next at 7.30pm in Ballisodare. 

Although this is only the third event, the Teen Gala Concert has become a major annual feature within the Ballisodare community and the surrounding  localities with young people and parents anticipating the next event as soon as the concert is over.

The Gala Concert includes teenagers from the club and St. Mary's College and also ‘pre-teens’ from St. John’s National School in Ballisodare.

The teenagers in the club perform a mix of pop, soul, rap, folk and rock songs with the occasional oldie thrown - in fact we expect to hear a few the 1980s  and 1970's , but just a few. Mostly the songs are selected from recent hits or penned by the songwriters within the club.

This year the club has added a matinee exclusively for six post primary schools and expect this to be a new and exciting addition to the concert.

The matinee is booked through the schools only, so if your school hasn’t already approached you be sure to contact your music teachers or year heads about it. This is very much a local event so be sure to check out who is going  and don’t miss out on a great concert.
The proceeds from the concerts are split equally between the club and Kenya Build charity.

Any queries can be made to elcorhownagh@gmail.com