Updated: 07/04/17 : 06:39:41
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Homeless sleeping outside Dáil to highlight plight

A group of homeless people have begun sleeping outside the Dáil last night to highlight the homeless crisis.

The group are trying to get the message across that homeless people want 'homes not hostels'.

One of the group's organisers, Carrie Hennessy, says they are asking as many people as possible to come and show their solidarity each morning between 8am and 10am.

"I'm just asking people to come out in the morning times and let the homeless people know that they do actually have a bit of public support," she said.

"The public were brilliant when we were in Apollo House. The public got right behind that and it was brilliant, but right now we haven't got any support whatsoever off the public, the activists, any homeless services.

"The only ones we do have the support of is the homeless soup kitchens."