Updated: 08/04/17 : 07:02:57
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Sligo climbs into top five of older citizens

SLIGO CITIZENS are older than the average for the country, the 2016 Census has confirmed.

The county has now moved into the top five, with average age for its citizens of 39.3 years.

Average age across Ireland now is 37.4 years, figures released this week have confirmed.

This compares with the youngest body of population, in Fingal, where the average age is just 34.3 years.

Details from the 2016 Census were released this week by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

These show that the five counties with the oldest average are: Kerry, Mayo, Leitrim, Roscommon and new entrant Sligo.

The CSO plans to publish detail breakdowns in the  month ahead on housing and on population distributions and movements.

The 2016 Census was officially taken on the night of Sunday April 24th.

It showed Ireland's population is now officially 4.7 million people.

This is a 3.8% increase on the 2011 Census but is also the slowest rate of growth in 20 years, the CSO has confirmed.