Updated: 10/04/17 : 12:11:13
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Insurance costs driving young people out of motoring

Young people are being priced out of the motoring market, according to student groups.

Statistics provided by the Department of Transport show a drop over the past decade in the number of those aged between 17 and 20 looking to get their 'L' plates.

Student unions claim rising insurance costs are a major factor, especially for those who are also trying to cover the cost of accommodation.

The AA's Conor Faughnan said it can seem very unfair for those learning to drive.

“There's a statistical assumption that you are going to be a dangerous driver, you#re bound to be statistically when you are young and inexperienced. So your first couple of year’s premiums are going to be really, really expensive.

“Now they do actually come down after the first couple of years, but for your first year driving you are going to pay a very expensive premium and people just have to bake that into the cost of getting on the road.”