Updated: 14/04/17 : 03:18:29
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Vigil on 'innocent lives lost to austerity'

A POIGNANT protest will be held in Sligo this evening in memory of those innocents whose lives were ended because of austerity.

The Sligo vigil will held outside Sligo University Hospital, commencing at 5pm.

Sixteen to eighteen locations have been chosen across the State as part of the ''Still Waiting'' campaign.

Endless Years 

''The purpose,'' said a statement from the organisers: ''Will be to protest at the loos of innocent life caused by endless years of austerity.''

This evening's vigils will take place at venues, including:-

University Hospital Galway (UHG);

Letterkenny University Hospital;

Sligo University Hospital;

Mayo General Hospital;

Roscommon University Hospital;

Naas General Hospital;

St Luke's Hospital;

Kerry University Hospital;

Mercy University Hospital;

Dundalk Hospital;

Waterford University Hospital;

St James Hospital;

The Beaumont Hospital, 

St Vincent's Hospital, 

Tallaght Hospital 

Wexford General Hospital.