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Trump trump does it for our eternal Enda

By Eugene McGloin
Political Editor

NEXT WEEK the first-ever guy in Ireland to be called 'blessed' will be crowned by the Catholic Church.

Hmm. They should ask the opponents of Inda Kenny first if they have any observations.

Their opinions would probably be classified between 'charmed lucky' and well, 'blessed.'

Bouncing Back

Well, how about 'blest!' Inda can do no wrong, it seems. Check the meter:-

Less than a month after his so-called 'long goodbye,' his 'adieu' that was due to begin and end in America, the boy is bouncing back.

That bowl of shamrock Inda gave Donald Trump is the gift which keeps on giving, giving. It's the Trump trump card.

The bowl has given Inda a 'bounce' in that opinion poll for The Sunday Times over the weekend.

The whizzkids at the polling company, Behaviour & Attitudes, snazzily dressed the seven points FG 'bounce' as maybe due to Something Else. Such as.....

Such as the Blueshirts putting the boot in on Irish water, or even Irish Water. 

Such as the Blueshirts toughing it out on the bus strike -- which didn't happen in Dublin, yet!

Well, the bus strike may not be over yet so keep your breath just yet for cooling porridge on that one.

Stayed Mumsie

The luvvies in the national media backed water charges to a man and woman.

The truth, of course, on that one is the middle class are all flabbergasted at the notion of (another) new tax.

The same class stayed mumsie when they bought their houses with tax reliefs.

The same class stayed mumsie all through the obscenity of 'greed is good.'

Trump Card

That era was (fancifully) titled The Celtic Tiger, to disguise its ethos (or lack of), its cultural roots (or lack of) and on and on.

Well, as Patrick Feeney sez in his song 'The Pig is Dead, Now Soldier On.' The same message applies to The Tiger.

Anyway, stop searching for the trump card which gave Enda last weekend's double bounce, for his party and his own rating.

Big Egos

Some would even suggest there's a treble bounce: (Thinks, speech bubble,.....The Country!

More serious, there is beginning to be a realisation in Fine Gael that a leadership contest between two big egos may do damage.

Specifically, as damaging as that inside Fianna Fáil from December 1979 after its showdown between Charles Haughey and George Colley. See link below.

Now, Simon Coveney and The Irish Times have each flagged up an acknowledgement that this is where we could be heading. 

The winner takes.....eh, nothing.....that's what what we learned from the Fianna Fáil debacle -- and there were TWO sides to it -- that 1979 December day.

Link:  See Sligo Today 18/2/2017