Updated: 18/04/17 : 07:07:31
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Government aim to reduce financial burden of sending children to school

Minister for Education Richard Bruton has announced new measures to reduce the cost of going to school.

Under the plan, schools will be obliged to place greater emphasis on reducing the financial burden placed on parents.

They include banning the use of workbooks which cannot be reused, using generic uniforms and providing parents with fully costed lists for items they are required to buy.

However Barnardos' Fergus Finlay said that the measures do not go far enough.

"These are very, very small steps," he said.

"I think it's really disappointing that the Minister has chosen not to go just that little bit further.

"It would cost the Government very little money to do away entirely with the cost of schoolbooks for parents and the cost of school transport, and indeed, with the voluntary contribution that parents are required to make."