Updated: 28/04/17 : 07:52:18
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Hospital deal does not guarantee independence - Shortall

The boards of Holles Street and St Vincent's hospitals are to begin working on the governance and legal agreements for the new national maternity hospital.

St Vincent's board confirmed last night that it is fully supportive of the decision to locate the facility on its land.

The boards are now expected to meet with Simon Harris to complete the necessary agreements - which they say will guarantee the hospital's clinical independence - as set out in the original deal.

However, Social Democrat TD Róisín Shortall believes that the deal is not sufficient to guarantee independence.

She said: "That would indicate that what we've been led to believe in relation to the independence of the new National Maternity Hospital is not actually the case.

"When you look at the detail of the report, you see that what is proposed is a company that is to be set up that would be entirely owned by St Vincent's and equally a board that would be dominated by St Vincent's.

"That is not an independent hospital."