Updated: 04/05/17 : 05:27:35
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Quarter million lottery win in North West

ONE LUCKY lottery punter in the North West woke up €250,000 richer this morning, Thursday.

Of course, it could be a syndicate or a family ticket -- we may never know.

Later this morning the exact location of the latest big winner in this region is expected to be made known.

Winning numbers worth €250,000 last night were: 1, 13, 22, 30, 34 and 39.

The bonus in that game was 11 but no punter matched that number with five, which would have offered a €2,500 consolation.

Guaranteed Million

The €250,000 win was confirmed by the National Lottery which also said there was no winner of its two other Wednesday games.

Top prize last night was €11.5 million, which on offer in the Lotto Jackpot game. 

One ticket which came close, with a match five plus bonus in that main game, got over €71,000.

Meanwhile next Friday night's European draw is giving a guaranteed one million euro bonus to a raffle code holder.