Updated: 04/05/17 : 07:36:43
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TD's to vote today on Dáil opening prayer

A vote will take place later on plans to make TDs stand for the Dáil's opening prayer.

The new rules would also include 30 seconds of silent reflection after the prayer.

Some Deputies say having a Christian prayer no longer reflects a multi-cultural Ireland.

And a handful say they will break Dáil rules by refusing to stand.

Solidarity TD Ruth Coppinger said the Dail is out of touch with the public mood. "At a time when the rest of society out there is demanding an absolute separation of Church and State, the Dáil decides to embed an archaic practice by proposing this,.

"Religion is a private matter. If TDs wish to pray or reflect I'm all in favour of a room being set up where people can go," she said.