Updated: 05/05/17 : 05:28:46
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Globe House still has people with 'okay' to stay

THIRTEEN IMMIGRANTS remain in Globe House despite having been given 'leave to remain' status.

Currently, there are 177 residents at the Sligo 'direct provision' centre, the Dáil learned earlier this week.

MInister David Stanton said the figure is 9% for those who are still in such centres nationwide after getting leave to remain.

However, in Dublin that figure rises to 36% -- this ''more acute'' picture reflects issues to do with housing, added the Minister.

School Breaks

He said ''some families'' in centres who have sourced their own accommodation in the community may defer their move until breaks in the school year ''to minimise disruption to their children's education.

''As the annual major school break approaches, it is anticipated that a number of families will move during that period,'' Minister Stanton predicted.

He was responding to queries raised by backbench TD and former junior minister, Roisin Shortall.