Updated: 08/05/17 : 05:37:59
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Sligo decisive win big 'ball game' in the Bronx

By Eugene McGloin

'ONE FLEW Over The Cuckoo's Nest' has a great scene where 'pictures' on a big football game are made from mere words alone.

Showing the gift and genius for getting the hang of how to do that type of moulding is a guy with the very Irish sounding name of Randall Patrick McMurphy.

''Mac'' is alias Jack Nicholson and he was compelled to 'imagine' the pictures and put words to them when he was refused TV coverage of the big ball game.


Of course, neither the GAA nor RTÉ will say they 'refused' anybody coverage of the opening Championship game between New York and Sligo yesterday, Sunday.

Besides, RTÉ was so busy back-slapping itself yesterday with congrats on what it might show us this year it just didn't seek to livestream the big 'ball game' going on in the Bronx.

The back-slips were so (self) important they even made the main TV news bulletins.....on RTÉ, that is.

Any half-awake aficionado of Gaelic Games will recognise the RTÉ back-slapping has much (more) to do with looking over their shoulders at the Sky Sports child.

My my, how 'that child' has grown in such a short time! Where did the years go and all that! More a generation of Google than gurgle. 

The Sky Sports child has quickly learned how to climb out of its pram, put on its boots and (whichever) county jersey and sidle up to Croker. 

Yesterday, you would have thought the GAA would have licensed, cajoled, chased some business enterprise to get livestream coverage online of the Championship game in the Bronx back to the Auld Sod.

This 'auld sod' certainly thought so and waited and waited, in vain. 

After all, this year is the 70th anniversary of the only All Ireland Championship Final ever played outside Ireland, in New York, too.

GAA-Go was already this weekend selling online passes at €10 a go for the May 21st game between Mayo and the winners of New York and Sligo.

Sampled Both

You can now purchase viewership of that Sligo game across the globe -- wait for this description -- ''in all countries except the Island of Ireland.''

Except that the ''Island of Ireland'' is not a country, yet anyway!

The good news is that RTÉ itself won't ask you, in the island of Ireland anyway, for an extra red cent to watch the Sligo and Mayo game later this month.

Which is about the only good news I have for RTÉ arising from yesterday's opening day of Championship 2017.

Not only did they fail (miserably) to negotiate any livestream deal, or something suitable.

But like the final score in the Bronx game itself, Marty Morrissey's team on RTÉ was decisively outpointed by Daragh Cox's team on Ocean FM last night.

That 1-21 to 1-13 final margin was also more or less the measurement of a listener and long-time Sligo GAA who sampled both live radio packages.

Rovers Tweet

Nice touch among all the tweets crossing the Atlantic last night was those good wishes to Sligo GAA ahead of the game tweeted from Sligo Rovers.

''The Rovers'' recovery remains a work in progress but the Bit O' Red are moving in the right direction. 

Structural Weakness

They jumped three places on Saturday night and exited the relegation zone for the first time since the season started over three months ago.

Saturday night's 3-0 thumping of Limerick in the Showground was neither as one-sided as the scoreline suggests.

But Limerick had a structural weakness in defence and might easily have conceded double the score; the clearcut chances were certainly there. 

Veteran Raffaele Cretaro was my 'Man of the Match,' his skill and vision and athleticism narrowly shading the verdict over classy, classy Kieran Sadlier.

The Shannonsiders showed skilful approach work throughout but apart from Brazilian Rodrigo Tosi they never much threatened Sligo keeper Michael Schlingermann.

Worth Chasing

The Sligo keeper's tactic (instruction?) to belt each ball downfield is futile, especially in a Sligo frontline with no aerial ball winners. It will end in grief.

Finally, worth a mention and still worth chasing is the match programme and Jim Gray's account of meeting up recently with 1970 Cup Final legend, Johnny Cooke.