Updated: 15/05/17 : 06:25:07
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’Baptism barrier’ Bill to be announced today

Details of a new bill to abolish the so-called ’baptism barrier’ in schools will be announced later today, Monday.

The Solidarity Equal Participation in Schools Bill would ensure that schools are not able to discriminate in admitting children on the grounds of religion.

It says it is completely unacceptable that taxpayer funded institutions are still allowed to carry out this practice.

Solidarity TD Ruth Coppinger says the issue is particularly problematic in urban areas and in places with no Educate Together schools.

"Parents are finding it impossible to access school if their child hasn’t been baptised," she said.

"Equally important is the right to equal treatment and respect, within the school day, if you are not in the majority religion.

"All children should be treated equally and this is part of the process now of separating of church and state.

"Tax payers fund these schools and there shouldn’t be the right to discriminate on the grounds of religion."