Updated: 15/05/17 : 06:30:25
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Concern over malware as work computers are opened this morning

IT administrators and cyber security experts are on high alert this morning as people return to work three days after malicious software began causing extensive damage around the globe.

Specialists are concerned that computer systems that have not had security patches applied could be infected by the ransomware called WannaCry.

The malware encrypts files on devices and demands a ransom be paid before they are unlocked.

RTÉ reports that throughout the weekend, IT experts across the world have been working around the clock to try to undo damage caused by the ransomware and installing security patches on vulnerable machines to try to prevent the virus infecting more systems.

Over 200,000 infections in at least 150 countries have been recorded, including one in a system in a voluntary run healthcare facility in Wexford, which has been isolated.

The National Cyber Security Centre has been coordinating the State's response to the threat from the fast-spreading malicious software and has issued a series of advisory notices to Government departments and agencies.

It says most of the work is complete, but there may be some minor disruption to IT services today as systems are brought back online.

The Health Service Executive blocked its network from receiving outside communications on Friday as a precaution, and it remains disconnected as it finishes patching vulnerable devices.

However, it says patient services today should be broadly unaffected.

HSE staff are being asked to turn on but not log onto their PCs for two hours this morning to allow checks to take place, and also to think before they click.