Updated: 16/05/17 : 07:27:32
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Most rentals out of reach for housing benefit recipients

A new study has found the vast majority of rental properties are out of reach of people who get housing benefits.

The Simon Community research looked at 600 properties in 11 areas across the country.

It found that 88% of those were outside the limits of rent supplement and housing assistance payment schemes.

Niamh Randall, a national spokesperson for the Simon Communities in Ireland, said this lack of supply was having a huge impact on those at the lower end of the housing market.

“Well there were only 72 properties which fell within rent supplement and

Housing assistance payment limits, so that was very few in 11 areas around the country.

“What it demonstrates is the real pressure in terms of supply and the major impact it is having for those at the lower end of the market, particularly for those in receipt of housing assistance.”