Updated: 16/05/17 : 14:45:06
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'Anti-forestry campaigners deliberately started wildfires' says farmer's organisation

Anti-forestry campaigners deliberately started wildfires that devastated thousands of acres of land in the west in recent weeks, a farmers' organisation has claimed.

The Irish Natura and Hill Farmers Association (INHFA) says "anti- forestry sentiment" is building in some parts of the country.

"There is a fear developing in the west that some areas are going to be planted over, especially areas where the land wouldn't be as good," INHFA spokesman Vincent Roddy told the Farming Independent.

"There is a malicious element there, possibly a rebellious element.

"Whoever is lighting [wildfires] shouldn't be doing it, but the worry is that it shows a siege mentality is building against forestry. There is genuine concern here that when you start to put in trees, you start to move out people."

Since the beginning of the month, more than 100 gorse and forest fires have burned at locations across the country, partly due to the prolonged spell of dry, windy weather since the beginning of April.

The largest blaze was at Cloosh Valley, Co Galway where 1,500 hectares of Coillte forestry and 2,000 hectares of bogland were destroyed, resulting in multi-million euro losses for the national forestry company.

Padraig Egan, general manager of SWS Forestry, said his company lost 30 hectares of forestry in the north west, with a replanting value alone in the region of 300,000.