Updated: 18/05/17 : 05:44:56
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Flooding at Coolaney Cemetery for engineer report

At the last meeting of the Ballymote-Tubbercurry Municipal District Fianna Fáil Councillor Keith Henry called on Sligo County Council to prepare a report into the drainage problems at Rockfield Graveyard in Coolaney.

Speaking at the meeting Cllr Henry said he was contacted by locals who were seriously concerned at the situation. “When graves are dug they are filled up with water quickly due to poor soil drainage in the graveyard. This has led to pumps being used to pump out water from graves right up to the arrival of the hearse at the graveyard” Cllr Henry said.

“It obviously would be a very distressing sight for bereaved family members to see and while the grave diggers can only do so much they have to fill in the graves quickly before water flows in around the coffin” he informed the meeting.

The youngest member of Sligo County Council said “the situation has gotten so bad that people from the locality are looking to other graveyards to bury family members as they have heard of the problems with the cemetery. This cemetery is in operation since the 1940’s and perhaps there is little that can be done due to the soil quality. However I’m calling on the Council to investigate into any possible solutions to this problem”.

Cllr Henry was informed that Council Engineers would prepare a report into the matter.