Updated: 18/05/17 : 07:00:29
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Government urged to 'change tactics' in Halawa case

The Government need to change their approach to the case of Ibrahim Halawa.

That is the opinion of one member of the Green Party, who says if it is not dealt with straight away, the Dublin man could face another six months in prison in Egypt.

The 21 year old was arrested at a political protest in Cairo in August 2013, and has been in jail ever since.

Catherine Martin TD is the Deputy Leader of the Green Party and explains what she wants done.

"It's time for the Government to change tactics.

"We've accepted that waiting for the conclusion of unfair mass trial was problematic from the start, but Ireland has to give up this line of thinking or talk of progress - there's clearly very little progress.

"I believe we need to start seriously thinking about possible trade sanctions and deals with Egypt," she said.

The next trial date is set for Tuesday, 4 July.