Updated: 19/05/17 : 11:21:46
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Funding approved for new family room in Sligo University Hospital

Sligo University Hospital has been granted €60,887 in funding as part of The Irish Hospice Foundation (IHF) and HSE’s Design & Dignity Grants Scheme which transforms hospital spaces for patients at end of life.

€42,621 of the amount is a Design & Dignity grant with the remaining €18,266 coming from Sligo University Hospital. The funding will improve facilities for families in the hospital with the creation of a family room on Medical 7 Ward.

The hospital previously received funding under the same scheme for a new mortuary which won the National Healthcare building award in 2015. This mortuary has been described by staff as “the nicest and most serene space in the hospital.”

Ann Hayes, Development Co-ordinator for End of Life care, Sligo University Hospital said 'that the provision of a Family room will dramatically improve the physical environment around End of Life care in this ward. It will contribute to supportive surroundings for patients, families and staff.'

Mary Lovegrove, Design & Dignity Project Manager with the Irish Hospice Foundation said: “What is special about this new family room is that it will be right in the heart of the medical ward, where families can be together with their relatives and it is also somewhere they can have refreshments and stay overnight if they wish.”

John Browner, Assistant National Director with HSE Estates said: “The Design & Dignity programme has been running since 2010 and has funded 34 projects across Ireland. The HSE is delighted to be leading this project in partnership with the Irish Hospice Foundation.”

Mary Lovegrove added: “Our vision for the Design & Dignity project is for an end of life sanctuary in every public hospital in the country by 2021 with approximately 60 projects completed as well as a HSE National Mortuary Capitals Programme underway.”

Design & Dignity is a partnership project of the IHF and HSE Estates and originated in the IHF’s Hospice Friendly Hospitals Programme. The HSE has adopted Design & Dignity Guidelines for all refurbishment and new builds.